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The mad Hatter: “Have I gone mad?” 

Alice: “I’m afraid so. you’re entirely bonkers.
But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.” 

Two fearless girls with our hearts on our sleeves.

Coming from parallel worlds, one of interiors and the other of communications, we had never thought that our heart would lie in weddings; deeply personal, intimate and an overload of emotions. 

Then came a calling we couldn't ignore. Two parallel worlds intersected; and here we are today making one wedding at a time with all our heart.

With a team of mad hatters, we make each wedding unique and extremely personal. 

We'd love you to know all of us better.


I’m Ashima Arora, and I’m the Cofounder and Business Director at Aroosi. My partner Rasmeen and I started Aroosi 6 years back.

I’m a communications specialist, who majored in Public Relations and Corporate Communications from Xaviers and then moved to Digital Marketing at MSL Group.

Very often I'm asked- ‘Why weddings? And how did this transition happen?’ But very few believe what I tell them- ’I dreamt a dream.’

After working behind a desk for an year, life took a turn after Ranbir Kapoor inspired me to follow my passion- Thanks to ‘TAMASHA’. I saw it once, I saw it twice and a week later came the day of the calling: I dreamt a dream where I was a wedding designer who was crafting a beautiful white wedding. I felt like I was in heaven. This dream was followed by a resignation, a one way flight ticket back to Delhi with nothing in hand- and well, that was the best decision of my life.

Since I was young, I always had this tingling feeling of making things pretty and an appreciation for art. From designing college fests to introducing art societies to decking up my home during festivals big and small, setting up tables, and finding design inspiration wherever I travel.


I’m an incurable romantic! I was always a believer that fairytales exist. And today, I live a life I’ve made where I see fairytales everyday with the couples I work with and design weddings for.

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ashima arora


rasmeen sawhney


I’m Rasmeen Sawhney, and I'm the Cofounder and Creative Director at Aroosi. My partner Ashima and I started Aroosi 6 years back. 


I’m a design specialist, who studied Interior Architecture from Pearl Academy and then began working with Spaces and Consultants as a designer.


8 years back I decided to turn my life around with a quote I saw about weddings and that stuck with me forever- ‘Wedding Design is like Interior Designing on STEROIDS.’

This one thought and then a decision put my life in fifth gear and changed my entire perspective along with my life path!


I have always been a creative nerd, since childhood- my favorite memory will always be painting with my grandfather. He made me the kid who could dream- being around crayons, paints, sketch pens and rulers my grandfather pushed me to cross my own limitations. Today, in his absence- where I am and who I am, I owe it to him.


I wake up with a new thrill every day. New people, new visions, new designs, and new perspectives. We design dreams for a living, and this feeds my soul. The world is but a canvas to our imagination!

Meet us- the wacky, crazy but absolutely creative heads.

From relationship managers, to therapists, to designers, to architects, to karigars, to artists, to painters, to your best buddy during the whole process- we have them  all. 


An all women team, and we're so proud.

We are bound together like a bouquet of different flowers- each of their own but together we make something beautiful!

Each of these members have a style and personality of their own - we have happy little enthu-cutlets to boss ladies to in-house DJs to agony aunts, we are fierce and we know how to get you what you want!

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