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Mandavi & Rishabh | Lilac dreams

We had a fantastic time designing this wedding in Jodhpur, which is now officially our second home.

Often we stumble upon brides who have a clear vision of their wedding, they've been making pinterest boards, and collecting photos, have an album full of screenshots with decor-dresses-and whatnot. And that my friends is what we absolutely adore.

We become the best of mates, they become like a part of our team and we a part of their family. We sit, we discuss, we brainstorm together. Then comes a day where the bride walks upto us and smiles a wide smile and happy tears in her eyes, and says 'This is everything I dreamt of, no one could have done this better than you.'


CARNIVAL LUNCH Designed with love, details, laughters and lots of baby's breath. The brief was the bride's 'Papa Don't Preach' Party Starter Lehenga. And we sure know how we take briefs so seriously. The entire look was created to look fresh and delicate.

Obsessed with baby's breath, we played with florals instead of making the space any heavy with structures. We understood the space and the need of the hour and created a setup which matched the aesthetic and the brief of our bride.

Well, time to finally call her your 'wife'!

The dining area made with drapes and colorful hanging lamps filled with baby's breath!

Meet our site supervisor! Isn't he adorable?

SANGEET A night of glamour, flashing lights, glitters, disco balls. With the style of maximalist Manish Malhotra, and the chemistry between our couple. There had to be fireworks! The massive simple lawns of ITC Jodhpur were converted into a full blown cocktail setup overnight. We used a whole lot of mirrors and reflective acrylics to hype up the glam quotient.

The floors for this sangeet were reflective and looked absolutely smashing!

We sure know there are only two things important in a sangeet, ofcourse apart from the couple: THE STAGE ANDA STATEMENT ELEMENT!

And we had a ball creating this one. Made of silver metal and reflective mirror, we created a central island lounge. A huge chandelier which took about 15 people and 2 hours to only lift up in fragments, we did it! (We bit our nails through the process for sure!) But isn't this the reason why we love what we do? The challenges we take on, in the smallest of timeframes and making it happen!

Then comes the stage!

Made of LEF strips turned into arches, disco balls hanging from them, a burst of wild florals and a couple stage which got us the jaw dropping moment from the bride and groom. We then knew that we killed it!

Experimenting several times with arching the mirrors and creating the couple backdrop, it was absolutely worth it.

The main dining table for the family was our favourite. The ceiling filled with disco balls and wild greens, big crystal chandeliers, mirror reflective tables filled with long floral runners and crystal centerpieces. We fell in love!

Loved every bit of this sangeet. And yet we can say, what we saw with our eyes, no camera could possibly capture.

DAY 2 HALDI A blast of yellow, ceilings of florals and katrans, beautiful prints on upholsteries and a tree placed in the middle of the gardens with real tangerines for the guests to pluck and eat! We don't just create setups, we create memories!

Bride's favourite memory of her nani was her backyard lawns and the times when they would pluck tangerines off the trees in the gardens. We brought her memory to life, curated and placed a tangerine tree with fresh fruits for the guests to pluck and eat. Isn't that amazing? A memory which i'm sure they will never forget and a gesture the family and the bride cherish!

The Sajjankot for a 100 guests was the most important aspect for this function. For all these guests, it was of extreme importance to do something personalised. Chaandi thaalis with a brooch placed for them in a bell jar and gota table napkins.

The bride's family planned for a sitdown for all their guests. We placed a curved table for the main family in the centre and rectangular tables for the guests!

A ceiling full of katrans made of the leftover fabrics we used for the upholsteries and drapings of the setup! The florals we chose were minimal, clean and yet vibrant.

WEDDING A mandap created in the middle of the swimming pool at ITC Welcom Hotel, Jodhpur. And what a blissful place it looked in the end. Words fail us to describe the serenity of that night.

We used the sandstone entrance tunnel at ITC and added drapes and tall arrangements to it along with shamadaans and candles!

Our favourite part was the Sajjankot table: A ceiling full of guldavari edged with carnations, shamadaan chandeliers, tables covered with block printed velvet covers, velvet upholstered high back chairs, brass plates and cutlery, and in the middle a massive floral runner with high arrangements in brass vases. It was the definition of a royal dinner.

A closeup of the tables. The arrangements were completely done in red with a little hint of greens!

THE MANDAP! Reflective acrylic golden flooring, florals on the aisle, good smelling desi gulaab filling the entire pool and diyas floating in the water! The serenity and the calm of this place can't be described in words. The setting was absolutely perfect.

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