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Updated: Apr 9


LOTUS, the favourite flower of the mother of the groom. Because of her devotion to the deities, it was the flower of offering for all her prayers and auspicious occasions. Hence, It became the key element for this important day: THE WEDDING

A massive 140 ft long ramp, on a 4 ft height surrounded by an artificially made lotus pond. The pond was filled with fresh lotuses floating on the leaves, brass lotuses sprinkling water as showers and tea lights floating in the stills of the pond.

We believe that the baradari of the palace is so exquisite, that any amount of decor can never be justified. Hence we tried to keep it organic, just like the stems of the floral wrapping itself around the pillars of the baradari like creepers. The ceiling of the baradari was filled with fresh flowers and ghungroos.

We promised the couple one thing, to cater to all their sense in a go. The sound of ghungroos; the sight of symmetry and vastness, the touch of origami lotuses filled with the fragrant desi gulaab, and the sense of taste with sweets placed on the plates in the shape of lotuses during Sajjankot.

Knowing the family along with the bride and groom , we knew how important details are to them. Every small detail to be taken care of. Hence, from the conversations we got o know that family believed in giving back to the society and worked with a whole lot of NGO's back in bombay. So we learnt from them and tried doing the same. Origami lotuses were made into flower containers by an NGO! The results were astonishing. We loved how the guests took them back as a souvenir from the wedding!

Details on all maskings were digitally printed with lotus illustrations taken from the wedding invitation, acrylic ponds reflecting the rangolis and other details on the venue, furniture in the shape of lotuses, floral arrangements on tables of have lotuses and lotus stems, and thank you cards and vedi cards with lotus details, everything spoke of LOTUS!

The dining was also on point with the concept. Table covers in the lotus illustrations specally printed out, florals in shades of pink ombre, clear crystal candelabras and chairs in a beautiful golden motif.

The wedding was like walking in a lotus garden! Absolute delight!

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