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Updated: Apr 14


Met at a club, Raaj & Shivali found love in a hopeless place! An absolute wild animal fanatic, Raaj is a sucker for panthers. And Shivali? She sets the stage on fire! So, we brought the two together and transformed the Mehrangarh Fort into a private club: 'CLUB PANTHER.'

Now here's what we're going to do. We're going to put your imagination into test, and then entice you with the smashing pictures of this all nighter cocktail party!

You enter the courtyard and find a life size 12 feet long panther waiting to pounce on you!

A bouncer stamps you with a UV entry stamp and then you pass through a tunnel of neon lights reflecting on the silver reflective floor. A state of trans!

The tunnel opens into a HUGE space, where right in the centre is your reflective mirror island bar with a ceiling made of hundreds of Disco balls of assorted sizes + layers and layers of silver fringes + wild green foliage of all kinds. Lights from multiple angles hitting the bar getting deflected all over the vast space!

On your left, 4 ft above ground level is your VIP area: We’re talking neon and LED lounge structures, velvet queue managers, bouncers at the steps, hand-painted wall panels with wall mounted lamps, furniture and cushions in rich black velvets and silver sequins, florals in deep rich colors filled with tiny disco balls and small animal figurines on each coffee table.

The dining area had a vibe of it’s own. Tall wild arrangements made of wild leaves and dried pigmented pampas grass in shades of green and purple! Disco balls were placed as a table runner over the mirror tables with ghost chairs. Maximalist as it sounds? It seemed so too!

Details, baby! It's the details that make the wedding memorable. And we sure ace at it.

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