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We create an experience for the couples seeking a team of design enthusiasts to bring their vision to life and to add the touch of emotion in the space.

We bind the entire event under one theme with unique personalizations that will make your wedding unforgettable.

We believe it's the journey to the wedding, which makes the memories. And we make sure that you have a ball while we're at it!

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'I can't believe how amazing everything was. Every single thing was well thought of. From conceptualizing the sangeet night, helping Raaj and I relive the entire memory of our first meeting, the lounges you created, the central bar with disco balls: a madness, and ofcourse the PANTHER! That night, i felt like a dream come true!

We felt so special. The smallest of details you placed on the tables and the biggest of stage you made for us. Everything was spectacular! From miles away, and with the help of technology you made all my dreams come true. Also, the Valentine's day! How can i forget.

The I DO sign where we read our vows, the tiny details of the personalizations you'd done for us, the surprise you gave us by putting those mirror boxes filled with Hershey's kisses, the table arrangements done up with the fresh fruits. I can never forget what a good laughter we had when we saw our friends roam around the poolside with a wine in a hand and the strawberry skewer put up by you in their other hand! I mean i loved every bit of what y'all had done for the wedding.
Despite the rare meetings, you tried to understand me and Raaj at your best. And you sure excelled at it. I will never forget any moment of my wedding, and for that I give my special thanks to you and all your love and understanding and patience to keep up with us!' 

Shivali Bhanushali Ganatra, Bride


the romantics

Two girls who left their corporate desk jobs to design weddings.

People say it was a calling, but we disagree. It wasn't a calling!
It was a dream two young girls dreamt for years, went to do different things but the heart wants what it wants. They found their way into the world of wedding design to fulfill dreams that the fellow little girls have been dreaming of: Their wedding day! 

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Co-Founder/Business Director

The business head, the relationship manager, and a therapist! Got a problem? The one who makes one call and sets it all right! You'll always find her by your side throughout the journey. She tries to understand you and your perspective, so that we can bring your vision together and create magic on your big day!

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Co-Founder/Creative Director

The creative one who has absolute love for sketches, and drawings. You'll always find a pencil behind her ear and a diary in her pocket to scribble fresh ideas anytime anywhere. She understands your color preferences, concepts, vision, style and aesthetics to take your imagination and execute it in the prettiest way.  

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Won the Weddingsutra Influencer Award for the



Venue: Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur

gratitude, everyday

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