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Mili ❤ Santosh : Two continents, One love story!

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Mili, a lawyer working for a renowned bank in London and Santosh, an interior designer met each other at a common friend's party on a trip to Delhi almost 10 years ago and the rest was history! (Technically, future! ) What started on a call almost an year before the wedding, became a relationship for a lifetime. Through this 'Long distance relationship' that we had with the couple, we realised how distance is not really a problem ever. The world is a small place and thanks to technology, we don't really need lots of meetings to make things happen. Continents away, Mili and Santosh kept communicating with us on a daily basis! Yes, we would get on long calls for hours and hours and talk about anything and everything; be it 3PM or 3AM!! From wedding woes, to answering tiniest of questions, to talk about the design or the outfits or even the weather, we made it happen! Mili and Santosh’s wedding was a reflection of all things fusion. We needed to bring in a mixture of the places both of them belonged to and also add the traditional Indian touch as most of the guests were flying from across the world!

The location was perfectly chosen. It was an intimate affair that took place at The Roseate, Samalkha. The venue was chosen for Santosh's love for interiors and architecture. And well, The Roseate is a marvel.


The first function was the Mehendi. The Mehendi decor was a fusion of bright colors like hot pink, yellow and turquoise. We were very keen on creating a setting that was young, lively and included elements other than just florals. We used elements like origami birds which hung from tree branches; which were made by young children of an NGO. Colorful mason jars filled with blooms were used as centerpieces, while vibrant seating and cushions created a fantastic palette. Pompoms were absolute love, were used in all the details from cushion covers, center pieces and table napkins. Mili was being her colorful and lively self in an Amitabh Malhotra and Santosh look simple and so elegant in a bandi, kurta and fitted pants from Philocaly.


The Sangeet was a glittering night under the glittering stars. The entire space was filled with fairy lights which were wrapped around the branches and the trunks of the lush trees of the I:ah lawn.

We used dark jewel tones and and glammed it up with Silver. Lots of candles were placed at the entrance, the periphery as well as on the tables which turned everything into a romantic, mesmerizing vision. The dining and cocktail tables were with not so regular flowers, but instead we used ample of berries to create table arrangement. A tuxedo night where Mili looked like a dream in a saree-style gown by Gaurav Gupta while Santosh lookied smashing in an attire which was a mix of Hugo Boss, Armani, Gucci and Prada.


The last function was the wedding. And unlike any other event, we had different plans for the wedding! We wanted to make the wedding a complete traditional affair for the couple and all the guests of the wedding to experience a traditional Indian wedding. With an overload and omnipresence of marigold, we built the mandap in the middle of the waterbody. The reflective mandap was a jaw-dropper and the couple along with all the guests were in love. We opted for raw bulb strings and used them with loads of marigold and rajnigandha.

The idea was to have no stage for the Jaimala and hence, we decided: When you're not building anything from ground up, it's best to build something from above to the ground. We found the perfect spot for the Jaimala. A huge tree with branches extending beautifully in the space around right next to the temple! We hung lush marigold strings along with bulbs and rajnigandha. The beauty of marigolds, the fragrance of rajnigandha, and the sound of the bells ringing from the temple made the place magical. We added tiny elements like earthen pots filled with petals and floating candles and personalised thank you notes from the couple to the decor.

The entire property was filled with the warmth of hundreds and hundreds of candles.

The simplicity was overwhelming.

Here's a little something by our Bridechilla, which made everything worthwhile:

"Aroosi, my dream team. I actually feel emotional writing this. One team I will always, always hold very close to my heart. They excelled beyond our expectations and all the décor for our 4 events were beyond perfection. All functions had a different theme, in different parts of the hotel. So, it was a surprise for all our guests as they did not know what to expect next. The main day which was the wedding day was magical. the Roseate was converted into a fairy tale land. It was beyond our expectations. I still have goosebumps thinking about it, when I got out of the room and walked through the hotel pathways for the Jaimala;  Gosh, the décor, the candles lit all along the water bodies, the marigold, the Mandap in the middle of the waterbody. These two young girls, Ashima and Rasmeen gave us our perfect wedding and I will never be able to thank them enough. When Santosh met them for the first time he told me they were quite young, but I trusted my gut instinct because I knew they were the one I wanted. In short, a very hardworking team, very professional, and there is perfection in every little detail of their work, and of course a delight to work with." The smiles and the happiness in the eyes of Mili and Santosh, left us speechless and so contented.

Venue: The Roseate, New Delhi Bride’s Outfits: Amitabh Malhotra (Mehendi), Gaurav Gupta (Cocktail Party), Sangeet and Swati (Wedding) Groom’s Outfits: Philocaly (Mehendi), Hugo Boss, Armani, Gucci, Prada (Cocktail party), Tarun Tahiliani (Wedding) Makeup: House of Beauty by Sahil

Photography: The Dewdrop Project

Here's a teaser of this gorgeous wedding!



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