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Weddings are an experience! 
Every step is worth

Aroosi is an Experiential Wedding Design Company.

With a base in New Delhi, we have been blessed to have worked across the globe. 

We are hopeless romantics who find joy in making things a little bit prettier wherever we go. Adding pops of whimsies that bring life to designs and spaces.

All our designs are created as a captivating experience, where all the senses are harmoniously involved: fragrance, color, light, sound, sometimes even taste. All senses are knitted together to make your wedding an experience unforgettable.

We design weddings with a purpose. Our studio in Delhi NCR is our laboratory, creative heart and administrative headquarters. We approach everything we do with a love for big ideas and little details. 
Every element of your wedding must reflect you and your personality. 

We start by understanding who you really are, and translate your story into an design.
We draw up story boards, establishing a skeleton for everything. We break down the design into the smallest of details including the blueprints, space design, lighting, florals, textile and installations for the setting.
Each one of our designs is custom tailored and personalized for you, so the experience of your wedding is as unique as you are

We love to work with new people and fresh perspectives. Hence, we consider it an opportunity to work with your planner or event manager. It makes us happy to join hands with your planners to make your dream a reality. 

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This is how we roll!

let's talk

time to tell a story

where it gets real

samples, samples!

let's do this!

We get to know you for creating a concept and visual content for you. We understand your likes, dislikes, aesthetics and choices!

You are our inspiration!

Time to put things on paper! We create variations of each concept and show you how it can be adapted to the event and the venue. Accurate layouts, 3D Renditions, furniture, and prints.

The D-day! This is when we roll our sleeves up and get to business. Turning around an entire venue in less than 12 hours. We sure know how to wave our magic wands!

On your approvals, we bring you samples of fabrics, materials right on your table! An array of options for you to choose from.

The team sits together and brainstorms after we get to know you. We curate moodboards and visual representations and create the vibe of each of the functions! 

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